KP Architects provides turnkey architectural services for residences, office complexes, retail stores, professional spaces and hotels.

Turnkey development means that KP Architects completes the conceptual and detailed design; construction permits; construction, project management and interior design.

To the client, this means increased flexibility to accommodate changes at any stage of the project and a single point of contact throughout.

Architectural Design

Every project fulfil the needs and aspirations of our clients, emphasizing aesthetic, functionality, respect for the surrounding environment, as well as energy efficiency and application of bioclimatic principles.

We can only deliver on these promises by staying on top of major architectural and design trends, new materials and design technology.

Project Supervision

KP Architects deliver both design and construction management of its projects.

We believe that this is a key element of our value proposition, because we can resolve any issue that arise during construction, deal with any unexpected situations, and provide supplementary details as required during construction. As a result, when KP Architects manages both design and construction process, problems are avoided and resolved much more efficiently.

We achieve this by long-lasting partnerships with a broad range of technical contractors. We require honesty, reliability, adherence to schedules and budgets, as the foundation to continuously satisfying clients’ requirements.

Renovation | Restoration

For KP Architects, breathing new life in old buildings, making them functionally and visually relevant in the modern city fabric is an incredible challenge and always a unique creative opportunity.

KP Architects approach restoration and renovation projects by balancing modern aesthetics with respect for the building’s heritage, while making no compromises on functionality.

Interior Design

A delightfully aesthetic internal design completes the architectural concept and elevates the mood and productivity of the users. With a harmonious choice of furniture, fabrics, colors, and finishing, KP Architects help its clients realize their original vision.

KP Architects shape interior spaces together with its clients, drawing from a vast and continuously updated database of solutions. Occasionally we also design bespoke furniture and specialty pieces.

Internal design can add significant value to a project if done properly. Our approach is much more than merely matching colors and fabrics. We holistically optimize the interaction of style, technology, sustainability, functionality and lighting.

Graphic design

KP Architects offer graphic communications solutions to help professional clients raise the effectiveness of their image.

A brand name’s success is based on a clear and powerful image that projects an individuality and uniqueness in the client’s printed ID and internet communication.

Coordination between the architect’s design and the graphic designer’s proposal help raise the effectiveness of the brand’s communication and help promote the individuality of the space.